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Donations are greatly appreciated and are tax-deductible. Financial support enables Child's Gate to Learning to provide money for specific needs at the various supported centers, to buy required educational materials and other supplies on-site in Lithuania. These after school centers are islands of tranquility for the children. They provide support, encouragement, and shelter to children from their traumatic home lives.

From time to time, special drives are held in the United States for specific purposes and for supplies that are not available or are too expensive to purchase in Lithuania. Please send us tax-deductible donations or requests for information about other fund-raising drives or events being conducted in various United States cities.

Donate on-line to Child's Gate to Learning using PayPal service:

On behalf of the children and volunteers, we thank all of our benefactors and associates! Your continuing generous support sustains our programs and our intervention.

Donate by mail:
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